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Badar Besi Merah no 2 | Rp. 130.000,- |

badar besi merah

akik badar besi

batu badar besi

red jasper

Jasper agate

This is a beautiful Natural Red Jasper. This is a special red jasper because it can stick to magnet, in Indonesia gems market it used to be called as "Batu Badar Besi Merah". It is already set on a good 21mm titanium alloy ring. The size of the jasper is (est) 31,3mm x 23,7mm x 11mm.
Price: Rp. 130.000,- shipping cost is included for Indonesia delivery areas only!
Get this beautiful Natural Red Jasper Chalcedony now! "Batu Badar Besi"
Contact: Galih Jati Telp/SMS/WhatsApp : 08170741953


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